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The University of Alberta

23 November, 2016 | 1373 Hits

The University of Alberta, located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is recognized internationally as a leader in research and innovation.

Founded in 1908, UAlberta offers 200+undergraduate programs and 170 master’s and PhD programs in 300+ research areas. In particular, UAlberta is recognized as a world leader in diabetes research, nursing, pharmacy, energy and environment, education, virology, food science & security, nanotechnology, and humanities computing. In 2016-2017, UAlberta ranked 94 in the QS world ranking, and is one of Canada’s top 5 universities.

UAlberta has 18 academic Faculties, including Engineering, Science, Education, Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry, Public Health, Arts, Agricultural, Food, & Nutritional Science, and more. With the province of Alberta’s thriving oil and gas industries, UAlberta is also an ideal place to explore fields such as petroleum engineering and geology, as well as new environmental technologies.

With 39,000 students, UAlberta offers a diverse and multicultural environment that is an excellent destination for international students. Currently, UAlberta has 6,000+ international students from more than 150 countries, studying and conducting research at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. UAlberta has strong partnerships and links with major companies and organizations, both in Alberta and worldwide.

Scholarships to Study at the University of Alberta!

The University of Alberta and the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam (MOET) have a longstanding partnership to fund students from Vietnam to study at UAlberta.

Undergraduate Students

Each year, up to five MOET students entering undergraduate degree programs at the UAlberta will be awarded $10,000, for a maximum of four years. This amount will consist of CAD$5,500 to assist with living expenses and CAD$4,500 towards tuition fees. In order for the UAlberta funding to be renewed each year, students must maintain satisfactory academic standing.

Undergraduate students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be recommended to the UAlberta by MOET
  • Have the equivalent of at least 80% in their high school academic records
  • Obtain undergraduate admission to the University of Alberta by meeting the admission requirements and completing the application procedures

Graduate Students

Each year up to ten MOET award winners applying to either master’s or doctoral programs will be selected for the UAlberta – Vietnam Scholarship Program. Under this scholarship, the University of Alberta will cover approximately 50% of the total tuition costs, for two years of a Master’s program, or three years of a PhD program. Students are eligible to receive the normal tuition support, living expenses, and other funding provided by MOET. In order for the UAlberta funding to be renewed after the first year, students must maintain satisfactory academic standing. If more than two years of study are required for the Master’s program or more than three years is required for the PhD program, the student is responsible for securing funding for the remainder of their program.

To be eligible for the U of A – Vietnam Scholarship Program, graduate students must be recommended by MOET and obtain graduate admission according to the normal procedures of the UAlberta department to which they apply.

Students with questions about the U of A–Vietnam Scholarship Program and/or applying to UAlberta may contact:

Ms. Nicole Dewart
Sponsored Student Program, U of A International
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 1-780-492-1579