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Macquarie University

15 December, 2016 | 2383 Hits

World Leading Research – World Changing Impact

Macquarie is an international university with a proud reputation for world-leading research. As one of Australia’s premier teaching and research institutions, Macquarie University is your best choice for higher degree research programs. If you complete your higher degree research at Macquarie, you will be rewarded with an exceptional research training experience in an environment of the highest quality.

Macquarie’s commitment to world-leading research with world-changing impact has been recognised in the results we achieved under the Australian Government’s most recent Excellence in Research for Australia evaluation. Results from the 2015 evaluation highlighted Macquarie’s impressive research profile, with 100 per cent of our research ranked as ‘performing at world standard’ or higher.

Our considerable research expertise is focused on the priorities: Healthy People, Resilient Societies, Prosperous Economies, Secure Planet and Innovative Technologies. These priorities are buttressed by four research objectives: to accelerate world-leading research performance, to prepare world-ready higher degree research candidates, to engage as a world-recognised collaborator of choice and to deliver research with world-changing impact. We attract candidates of the highest potential who we provide with outstanding supervision, outstanding mentoring and an outstanding placement within one of our areas of research strength.

Macquarie aims to provide opportunities for career-enhancing exposure to industry, government and communities, and to ensure that our degrees are internationally aligned and globally relevant. We do this through our outstanding facilities and supportive programs.

Macquarie’s commitment to international research excellence is exemplified by our research training program. Our Master of Research is fully aligned with research training in Asia, Europe and North America. We were the first university in Australia to align internationally and you can rely on Macquarie to ensure you have greater international recognition for your qualifications. At Macquarie, we value our body of higher degree research candidates as a key asset of the University, and we recognise the vital contribution our research candidates make to the University, to the nation and to the world.

At Macquarie you will gain an advanced research degree of the highest international standing, and we will support you at every step along the way.

VIED Cofunded Scholarship Opportunities at Macquarie University

Macquarie University has partnered with Vietnam International Education Development (VIED) of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), Vietnam, to offer scholarships to Vietnamese students whose outputs will contribute to the vision of VIED. The focus of the partnership is to provide high quality research training to qualified students from Vietnam with the aim of developing research collaborations between the Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam and Macquarie University.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  1. Hold Vietnamese citizenship
  2. Hold (or expect to obtain) a master’s degree with a major research component awarded at distinction level
  3. Be eligible for admission to a PhD and not have already completed a PhD
  4. Be able to study full-time
  5. Be Shortlisted by MOET/VIED and Macquarie University will undertake final selection for the scholarship

How to apply : Applicants will need to submit an application to both VIED and Macquarie University. VIED will shortlist the candidate for scholarship recommendation. Macquarie University will assess the application for PhD admission and scholarship eligibility.

  1. You will need to submit an application directly to VIED in order to be shortlisted. Refer to the Vietnam International Education Development (VIED) website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information
  2. Submit an application with all supporting documents to Higher Degree Research Office (HDRO) at Macquarie University. Further information on can be found on the HDRO Applications page. Ask two academic referees to complete the Academic Referee’s Report and then email the report directly to Higher Degree Research Office, Macquarie University at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For further enquires contact - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please quote “VIED” on your application and refer to