International students stirred up the atmosphere at FISEC Opening Ceremony

13 September, 2016 | 725 Hits

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the head office of FPT International Student Exchange Center (FISEC), the witnesses including FPT Corporation’s leaders, local government, international partners and distinguished guests were invited to join in a Gala dinner with international students to celebrate this special event.

 Participated in the Gala dinner, international students attending FISEC programs brought exciting performances with a combination of traditional folk art of their nations and modern dances.


Graceful dance with lithe movements performed by Bruneian students from Universiti of Brunei Darussalam; Video: Viet Nguyen


Funny dance by Soka University’s students has made the audiences laughed a lot by their humorous expressiveness; Video: Kate Le


“I’m Yours” performed by students from Universiti of Brunei Darussalam; Video: Viet Nguyen


A high energetic dance named “Yosakoi” from Soka University’s students. Yosakoi is a unique style of dance which combines traditional Japanese dance movements with modern music; Video: Kate Le


Bruneian guys performed lively dance attracting the participation of the audience; Video: Kate Le


The ceremony was conducted with a lot of musical and dancing performances were put on by both Bruneian and Japanese students. There are so many memories and emotions stagnated this evening; Photo: Vinh Quang

FPT University

On 17th August 2016, opening ceremony of FPT International Student Exchange Center (FISEC) was officially took place at the new office located inside FPT City – a green urban area of Da Nang city.

Formerly, FISEC is a department of FPT University Global Office that be responsible for developing the short-course programs for international and FPT University’s students. Since August 2016, the center has been detached and operated independently. The establishment of FISEC marked an unprecedented move of FPT Corporation during the implementation of its globalization strategy.

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