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I. Scholarship Programs (Scholarship announcements are regularly updated at: and

Program name Project 911 Project 599 Bilateral Government Agreement
"Training lecturers of Doctor’s Degree for universities and colleges for the 2010-2020 period" (Decision No. 911/QD-TTg dated 17/6/2010)
"Training cadres abroad using state budget for the 2013-2020 period" (Decision No. 599/QD-TTg dated 17/4/2013)
(Exchange, cooperation in the field of education and culture with 19 countries)
Training lecturers in Doctor’s Degree
Developing personnel in Bachelor and Master level of study
Nourishing and developing key personnel in higher education (Bachelor, Master and Doctor) and apprentice-ship
Implementation duration

- From 2010 to 2020 - Scholarship announcements are released in QI or QIV annually
- Final call in 2017

- From 2013 to 2020
- Candidates are recruited in QI or QIII annually
- Final call in 2018
Candidates are recruited annually
(Recruiting candidates to study in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Mongolia, Cuba and Moldova in QI and QII; Hungary in the QI and QIV, China and India in QI, Cambodia, Laos and Morocco in QII and QIII; Sri Lanka in QIII and QIV; Mozambique in QIV)
10,000 Doctor’s Degree holders
(On average, 1,200-1,500 persons/ year) in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Japan, China, Singapore, South Korea and other countries. 
150 Bachelor Degree holders
1,650 Master Degree holders
(On average, 360 persons/year) in the UK, Canada, Germany, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, France, the Netherlan, South Korea, Russia, China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong) and some other countries
Approximately 1,300 persons/year
Specific target: Russia (800-1,000), Hungary (100), China, Laos (30-60), other countries (3-20)
Training majors
All training majors
All majors (excluding: economics, finance and management)
Majors in accordance with regulations of foreign partners (see information in recruitment announcements)

For candidates under 45 years of age:

- Permanent lecturers, contracted lecturers of universities, academies and colleges (except for vocational colleges);

- Newly graduated Bachelors and Masters within 12 months or less prior to the date of application (with specific conditions).


- Lecturers of Vietnam’s higher education agencies  with at least 02 years of consecutive work;
- State officers must meet the requirements of sufficient time of employment before applying for an overseas training scholarship;
- Students who are the first, second or third prize holders in international Olympiads, international competitions in the field of Culture - Arts and Fitness - Sports oganised by the Ministry of Education and Training and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
- Students who are studying in the first year at universities in Vietnam (some programs recruit students at grade 12 with specific conditions);
- Newly graduated  Bachelors/Masters (with specific conditions);
- People working in State agencies of Vietnam.
Please refer to scholarship announcements for details and pay your attention to foreign language requirements: The candidates must have international language certificate equivalent to level B2 (for Master and PhD candidates), B1 (for Bachelor candidates) according to the European Reference Framework or have already been trained at foreign universities and colleges and qualified to be admitted directly to the programs.
Please refer to scholarship announcements for details and pay your attention to the foreign language requirements: according to the provisions of foreign partners and/or MOET for direct progression into majors; some programs arrange foreign language courses prior to major courses.

II. Rights and obligations of students studying abroad

  • For scholarships under the Project 911 and Project 599, awardees (Vietnamese) will receive full scholarships including tuition fee (according to the provisions of the Project), health insurance, living expenses, travel expenses, passport and visa fees, a return airline ticket according to the current regulations of the State.
  • For scholarships under the Bilateral Government Agreement, the students (Vietnamese) will be exempt from tuition fees, provided with monthly scholarships and some other incentives by foreign governments, a return air ticket, visa and passport fees, and subsistence subsidy periodically by Vietnamese Government according to current regulations on the basis of academic progress report of the students.
  • The students (Vietnamese) must fully and strictly comply with the provisions of obligations under the regulations of each scholarship program, must complete the training programs, and in case of commitment violation, students must compensate training expense under current regulations, must abide by regulations on management of Vietnamese students studying abroad issued by the Ministry of Education and Training and the regulations of Vietnam representative offices abroad and the laws of the host countries.