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International Higher Education Day in Vietnam – IHED Vietnam 2016 (Hanoi)

20 April, 2016 | 3386 Hits

On 5 March 2016, at the Pullman Hotel Hanoi and on 6 March 2016 at Pullman Saigon Centre, Ho Chi Minh City, International Higher Education Day in Vietnam 2016 was held by the Vietnam International Education Development.

The International Higher Education Day in Vietnam 2016 (IHED Vietnam 2016) was held by the Vietnam International Education Development under the Ministry of Education and Training. This is a major event for international cooperation in education and training in 2016 with the aim of helping Vietnamese and foreign students, postgraduates, lecturers, researchers and officials to share information and seek scholarships and opportunities for cooperation with reputable, high-quality and high-ranking universities worldwide.

There are two main kinds of activities taking place simultaneously:

  • Education Exhibition: Meet and talk directly with admission and faculty representatives from 50 foreign universities; disseminate information about their scholarship programs at the bachelor, master and doctoral level; assist in submitting an application directly and request admission letters to joint programs.
  • Education Workshop: Give information about Vietnamese government scholarships and those of foreign governments (the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, etc.); instruct in procedures to apply for scholarships, provide information about the universities search process, requesting admission letter, contacting professors and making up a research proposals; introduce information and activities of international joint programs in Vietnam.

The event warmly welcomed representatives from Embassies, Consulates, and agencies in charge of Government scholarships awarded to Vietnamese citizens. Also, present at the event are representatives of nearly 50 universities from the UK, Australia, the US, Canada, Korea, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand, etc. Specifically, some universities among others are the University of East Anglia, Queen’s University Belfast, University of Hull, Liverpool John Moores University (UK), University of Western Australia, the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales, RMIT University, James Cook University, the University of Technology Sydney - UTS, Edith Cowan University (Australia), Trinity College Dublin TCD, University College Cork, University College Dublin – UCD (Ireland); KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden); University of Auckland, University of Waikato (New Zealand), University of Saskatchewan, University Regina (Canada), Kanazawa University (Japan), Hanyang University (Korea), etc.