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Centre for International Professional and Technological Co-operation and Exchange

09 August, 2016 | 3021 Hits

Centre for International Professional and Technological Co-operation and Exchange (CEPECE), a unit of the Vietnam International Education Development - Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam, was established in accordance with Decision N.o 212/QD dated Feb. 28th 1989 of the Ministry of Higher Education, Specialized and Vocational Secondary Schools (now the Ministry of Education and Training), Decision No. 2505/QD dated May 5th 2008 and most recently Decision No. 3130/QD-BGDDT dated August 25th 2015 of the Ministry of Education and Training and has assigned tasks as follows:

- Chair and advise Director General of contents related to manage activities of professional and technological cooperation with foreign countries in the field of education;

- Make the plan for expert cooperation and report Director General; coordinate with agencies and related units to perform the selection, send experts to work abroad in the field of education;

- Make services when making the conditions prescribed by law and report the Director General;

- Implement the management of payroll officers, employees, contract employees; financial management, asset assigned to the Centre as prescribed; implementation of the regime, the policy on wages and remuneration; reward and discipline as decentralization and provision of the State;

- Synthesis of the report on the implementation; proposal, propose the amendments and supplement policies, regimes and regulations on expert and technological cooperation with foreign countries in the field of education;

- Perform other tasks as assigned by the Director General.


Since 1992, CEPECE has sent more than 5000 experts to work in Angola, Algeria, Congo, Madagascar, Mozambique, Japan, Korea and many other countries.




Experts sent by CEPECE have participated in the following:

- As university, college, or vocational school professors and lecturers;

- As engineers, team leaders in academic laboratories or workshops;

- As team leaders or team members in scientific, technological and professional research, in applying research results for life application and production in developing investment and exchange.

CEPECE sends experts in hard sciences, technology, humanities and business, as detailed below:

- Hard sciences: Mathematics, Mechanics, Physics and Chemistry;

- Information and Technology: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication, Robotics, Mechanical engineering, Internal combustion engines-Automobiles, Tractors, Textile mechanics and technology, Chemical engineering, Food Technology, Metallurgy, Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban planning, Environment Engineering, Mining, Irrigation and Underwater construction, Transportation (by land, rail and sea);

- Biology: zoology, botany, biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, earth science, geography, geology, geophysics, meteorology, oceanography;

- Agriculture: Cultivation, Husbandry and Cattle-breeding, Veterinary, Forestry, Aquatic products;

- Economic sciences: Economics, Finance, Banking, and International Business;

- Humanities: Vietnamese language – Linguistic and Literature, Vietnamese History, Vietnamese Culture, Psychology and Education, Music, Fine Arts (painting, sculpture, interior design, etc), English, French.


CEPECE has close relations with international education organizations such as Cultural Homestay International, International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC), Study Group etc., and many universities, colleges, community colleges and secondary schools such as San Mateo College, University of Cincinnati, SUNY University, Upper Madison College, Deakin College, Sydney Institute of Business and Technology, La Trobe, Universidad Catolica San Antonio de Murcia. Since 1992, CEPECE has helped nearly 6,000 high school, college, master and Ph.D. students study abroad. With representative offices in almost every major cities in Vietnam, CEPECE helps students complete courses in high schools, colleges and universities as well as participate in cultural exchange programs. Many students sent by CEPECE receive full or partial scholarships and are employed by prestigious Vietnamese and international companies.

Every year, CEPECE, together with international institutions, organizes conferences to introduce well-known foreign universities to students and their parents in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. Through these conferences, students can choose appropriate universities for their academic fields of concern and financial abilities. CEPECE staffs also regularly attend international education conferences in order to be up to date on specific programs of each university with the aim of finding the best institution for the students.

CEPECE expects to co-operate with more foreign counterparts who can grant more scholarships, for gifted Vietnamese students to pursue the quality education abroad. CEPECE has reached agreements with organizations in cultural exchange programs in the US, Canada, France, Germany and Japan for high school students. Those recruited in this program are exempted from tuition fee and are provided housing with a family of the host country. This is an excellent opportunity for Vietnamese students to participate in cultural exchange to promote mutual understanding among people of different origins.
Many universities in Vietnam, with the assistance of CEPECE, have formulated successful co-operative training programs with their international counterparts.
With experienced and enthusiastic staffs, CEPECE has been striving to be a reliable destination for educational experts, scientists, students and their parents as well as its foreign counterparts!