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Fruitful co-operation for many years: Vietnam and Germany

05 October, 2016 | 4081 Hits

Nowadays, we can’t imagine universities without “Internationalisation”. This is not only a frequently used keyword for international activities of Higher Education Institutions in general. It also stands for challenging tasks of universities in Vietnam.

The VIED‘s clearly aims on qualifying young researchers and university staff members for the capacity development of Vietnam’s Higher education institutions: by providing scholarships, mainly on PhD level. A significant number of future university lecturers has the opportunity to do their research abroad. For this purpose the VIED co-operates with international partners including Germany. Our collaboration within the framework of the governmental scholarship schemes “599” and “911” (formely “322”) dates back to the year 2003. Since then the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) supported more than 370 young and promising Vietnamese governmental scholarship holders at German universities and research institutions. The additional “DAAD package” the successful applicants receive includes a several months preparatory language course, lectures and seminars on Germany’s and the EU’s history, culture, economy and politics. One of the most important supporters in this phase are our former scholarship holders, our Alumni, who share their personal experiences and advices with the future scholarship holders.

DAAD Hanoi Head Office
DAAD Hanoi Head Office

The highly competitive and quality-based selection procedure of all candidates, the tailor-made preparation courses in Vietnam and the continuous monitoring process during their research stay in Germany lay the basis for their academic success. When they return to Vietnam we expect them to apply the knowledge they have gained in Germany. But this isn‘t still enough! They should cause an impact on their personal and professional environment. They also shall bring contacts from Germany to start new partnerships, common research projects, students or lecturers exchange in order to internationalise their home institutions in Vietnam, making them more and more attractive for international students and international researchers.

 DAAD Hanoi Head Office
DAAD Hanoi Head Office

We hold the belief that the encounter with another country, its people and its culture broadens one’s horizon and also creates a deeper understanding for its own individuality and its own history. Our more and more interdependend world needs internationally educated scientists who are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with today’s global challenges.

 DAAD Hanoi Head Office

For their present and future tasks and challenges on the way of building the next generations of internationally educated experts the DAAD wishes the VIED every success and looks for further fruitful co-operation.

Anke Stahl
Director, DAAD Regional Office Hanoi (für Vietnam, Lao PDR, Cambodia and Myanmar)